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Padahastasana (पादहस्तासन)

Padahastasana (/ˌpɑrəˌhɑːstəˈɑːsənə/; Sanskrit: पादहस्तासन; Sanskrit pronunciation: [pɑːd̪ɐɦɐs̪t̪ɑːs̪ɐn̪ɐ]; IAST: pādahastāsana) or Hand Under Foot Pose is an asana. The name comes from the Sanskrit words pada (पाद; pāda) meaning "foot", hasta (हस्ता; hastā) meaning "hand", and asana (आसन; āsana) meaning "posture" or "seat". Padahastasana is a standing, inverted asana which the hands are

Why Yoga

Galaxies from stars, stars from the elements, the elements are atoms, atoms have electrons, electrons have axial spin, electrons orbit a nucleus, elements makeup the earth, the earth rotates on its own axis, the earth is part of a cluster of planets, this cluster of planets orbits the sun (solar