Siddhasana (Sanskrit: सिद्धासन; IAST: siddhāsana) or Accomplished Pose is an asana.

The name comes from the Sanskrit words siddha (सिद्धा; siddha) meaning both “perfect” and “adept”,[2] and asana (आसन; āsana) meaning “posture” or “seat”.

Step by Step:-

  1. Place the left heel at the anus, the terminal opening of the alimentary canal or digestive tube.
  2. Keep the right heel on the root of the generative organ.
  3. It should be in a way, that the knees and the heels, both lie upon the other.
  4. The hands must be placed on either sole of the feet. Keep the eyes half-closed.


  • The practice of this asana helps in concentration and clarity of mind.
  • It improves memory, digestion and the faculty of the mind.
  • It is beneficial to those suffering from wet dreams.

Siddhasana and Padmasana (Lotus Pose) are the two asanas traditionally used for dhyana (meditation) and pranayama (breath) exercises.[5] Sukhasana (Pleasant Pose) is a substitute that is easier on the knees.

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika asks,
“When siddhaasana is mastered, of what use are the various other postures?”

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