Why Yoga

BabajiGalaxies from stars, stars from the elements, the elements are atoms, atoms have electrons, electrons have axial spin, electrons orbit a nucleus, elements makeup the earth, the earth rotates on its own axis, the earth is part of a cluster of planets, this cluster of planets orbits the sun (solar system), the sun rotates on its own axis, the sun is part of a cluster of stars (Sirius), this cluster of stars rotates on its own axis (neighborhood), this cluster of stars orbits the milky way galaxy (milky way), the milky way rotates on its own axis (galaxy), the milky way is part of a cluster of galaxies (galaxies), this cluster of galaxies rotates on its own axis, clusters of galaxies orbit a central point this is called the super galaxy, the super galaxy rotates on its own axis (vortex), the super galaxy is part of …….

This is called the universe the realm of the physical body, the space time continuum, the creation, matter, Mother Nature, the divine mother, Maya or MA

Every bit of matter has the sum total of all of this gravity like circular, gyroscopic, momentum force vectors, acting on every atom. In each instance of time we live within wheels.

We are composed of atoms, formed in stars within galaxies. Scientists have proved that splitting atoms creates a release of phenomenal ENERGY (nuke)


The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore this energy has always been caused the big bang and is older than the physical universe. This energy is present now within every atom of your body, this energy is conscious and intelligent, it is the self organizing principle within nature, It is what guides the grand design of Nature shell, It is the source energy, It is the Spirit of Nature, It is your deepest self-fetus, It is your life force, It is your spirit, It is what we call GOD, Brahma, the Creator, the TAO, the Source, Wakantanka, Allah, YHWH, JAH and OM

The law of nature is this energy encoded. Within these laws, an intelligent genetic evolutionary impulse to evolve life forms which have an ever increasing ability for self-awareness. The ability for deep thought and feeling leading to the real wisdom of knowing the actual truth of their own existence,which is the ultimate purpose of life. It is the absolute joy of living in harmony with who they really are on the deepest level. The source energy itself is your ability to feel it and live in harmony. It is the extent to which you are self-realized. One can discover this through Meditation. You can see it with the mind’s eye as the purest inner light of your being. You can hear it as the sound of all your atoms zinging the music in the ears. The OM, you can feel it in your deepest heart as the total unconditional love of your being cosmic consciousness. It is your Self Unfolding joy. It exists within every cell of your body chakra.

This is not intellectual; the only intellectual part is learning a real yoga & meditation technique. Once you begin to feel it, you know Samadhi. A timeless state where one knows the self nityananda as pure intelligent awareness existing in absolute bliss. To know it, is to feel it.

To eliminate the feeling of separation and merge with the source of life within you is to align yourself with the energy within the atomic structure that creates your being. This is true wisdom. Through centuries of political thoughts, man cultural and religious exploitation most human beings have forgotten how to do this. They have lost touch with their real self. Basic to your human nature as smelling, tasting, eating, sleeping, walking, talking, breathing, seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling and sexual intercourse, all human activities we know how to do quite well through the direct experience.

In Deep meditation, you experience yourself as It actually is your attention, you enter a state of PURE  ving stillness where you feel completely free. This state of being or feeling attunement causes you to see who you really are. The beautiful eternal deathless unchanging self existing in

Total freedom beyond space and beyond time at the center of all things created and uncreated. Knowing your self in this way gives you the practical experiential wisdom on how to end your identification with your planetary chakra, karma, DNA, body, mind, ego, personality, space, time, vehicle, complex. It is your Karma Yoga or spiritual sadhana to practice sanathana dharma the Eternal Religion of Truth, to perfectly achieve this while being in your body is to attain a breathless state and therefore deathless state.

The Buddhists call Nirvana the Sufis call Fana and the Yogi’s call NIRBIKALPA SAMADHI a never ending Samadhi the highest form of YOGA IMMORTALITY.

All credits goes to BABAJI, the only ONE who ever showed up for me. BABAJI is the greatest inspiration in my life I am eternally grateful

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