Works on the Manipura Chakra and Vishnu Granthi Uddiyana means flying upward energy lock. It is the bandha that moves the energy upward from the earth, water, and fire centers into the heart (air) chakra strongly influencing the efficacy of the lower bandhas by “making room” on top. Some claimContinue Reading

(Swadhistana Chakra) Swadhi bandha is also not discussed in classical hatha yoga treatises. It also utilizes elements of the pelvis like mulabandha, but differs from mulabandha in that the trans-integrity operates in a horizontal plane, while mulabandha operates more in front/back and top/down planes. Swadhi bandha brings the energy intoContinue Reading

Nabhi bandha is also not discussed in detail in classical hatha yoga traditions. It is similar to uddiyana only in that it focuses upon the region near the navel, but uniquely nabhi bandha focuses four finger widths below it (half way between the swadhistana and the manipura). In nabhi bandhaContinue Reading

Muladhara Chakra and Brahma Granthi The root (mula) lock moves the earth energy up through the muladhara chakra system connecting above it to the water chakra (swadhistana), while also serving as the valve connecting sky energy or spirit below it to the center of the earth. Mula bandha keeps theContinue Reading

Classically tri-banda or bandhas three (traya-bandha) is the utilization of the three major bandhas of mulabandha, uddiyana bandha, and jalandhara bandha within an overall sequenced order. Classically mulabandha is usually performed first, then uddiyana, then lastly jalandhara. Most often we release jalandhara first and mulabandha last (the reverse order ofContinue Reading

This is the placement of the tongue on to the front top of the hard palate at the juncture with the teeth (the tip of the tongue actually touches the front teeth). In some schools, just the tip touches, in other schools the front hollow of the tongue also touchesContinue Reading

Bandha: Vishuddi (Throat) Chakra and Rudra Granthi This is the throat energy valve. Here the back of the neck elongates and the throat softens. If you are sitting, the direction of the movement is such that the occiput moves upward (toward the vertex) away from the shoulders (as the posteriorContinue Reading

This is the same motion described so much in asana practice to open the armpit chest complex and shoulder girdle. It is a necessary ingredient for the facilitation of jalandhara bandha (in order for the chin can rest upon the sternal notch the sternum/chest must rise to meet it). ItContinue Reading